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Women's Skin Care

Eve was the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth.  Her skin was no doubt flawless WITHOUT makeup.  Sure we live in a fallen world, but why should WE have to hide behind makeup? 


Great product! I love the night face cream. It goes on smooth, and I still feel hydrated in the morning. My absolute favorite product from this company is the deodorant. It goes on smooth. I love the fragrances, and it last even through my workouts. A must have in my cabinet for sure.


So I have combination skin and always have trouble finding a moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin oily- well, found it! Return to Eden’s Shade In a Bottle, day/night cream for all skin types is AMAZING! It is vegan/organic and made in small batches by the amazing Brandy in California! It contains peptides (which I LOVE), Resveratol, and vitamins C & E! I highly recommend this product and it is definitely gonna be my daily moisturizer for life.


Welcome to Healthy Skin

All of our skincare products are specifically formulated with skin health in mind, and our first rule with EVERY product is DO NO HARM. This mantra means that you will NEVER find harmful ingredients in our products or harmful ingredient combinations (like sodium benzoate and Vitamin C).


We know that every person is more than just skin, and we also know you probably use more than just our products, which is why we are committed to offering holistic products containing anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, skin actives (think peptides, resveratrol, and niacinamide), and cold pressed oils that play well with other ingredients that might be in other products you use.


And, we know most of us who are searching for quality skincare are on this quest because we are battling with some sort of condition whether that's sensitive skin, acne prone skin, dry skin, dull skin, or skin impacted by an autoimmune condition.


So, if you are plagued by acne, rosacea, psoriasis, sensitivity, or age, or if you just have problem skin, well here's your invitation to transform your skin.


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About Us

Okay, before I bore you, let me actually tell you about myself and why I decided to start Return to Eden Cosmetics.

I am a chemical engineer who's been working in formulation development for over 10 years.  I started Return to Eden Cosmetics in 2008, and after a couple years with the fledgling business, I landed my dream job, so I quit this side business. 

However, now, in 2018, I'm once again re-opening because I'm getting older, and my skin needs care that I'm either unwilling to pay for because of the exorbitant cost or unwilling to use because of the ingredients list, and my feeling is, I am not alone... in short, while there are tons, literally TONS, of skin care products on the market, I feel I can offer something to folks that they are not able to get elsewhere.

More info about what's in (and what's omitted) from these products

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