Holistic Healing? Part 2: Myofascial Release

I started seeing CJ at Lymphworks in for myofascial release over 10 years ago.  A novice to myofascial release at that time, I had no idea at the time how much more beneficial this technique is than regular massage. 

What is myofascial release you ask?

Well, let's start with an answer to something more basic. 

What is fascia?

Fascia is the webbing that connects our tissues and wraps around muscle (hence the term myofascia) and bodily organs (visceral fascia) and connects skin to underlying tissues (superficial fascia). If you've ever had a surgery, the doctor had to move through your fascial layer to reach the tissue or organ that needed repair or removal.

Tightness in the myofascia due to postural misalignment or trauma can result in pain within the body or in my case, tingling down my right leg (due to my hips being slightly misaligned).  I'd been to a western medical doctor already and having found no western medical answer to my malady, I resorted to alternative medicine.

What to expect during a session

During the first myofascial release session, CJ gently pulled one leg lifting it up and then down, and I could FEEL the release in my hip.  You see, myofascial release is kind of a combination of traditional massage and something else... physically pushing and holding an area to feel the connective fascia release beneath the hold.  Gently pulling or pushing a limb to get release in a joint.  And, here's the thing about myofascial release...

the effects are lasting. 

Like most alternative medicine treatments, it's not a one and done fix, but the fact of the matter is that if you commit to treatment as often as you need it (once a week or once every other week in the beginning), over time, your fascia is trained in a way so that postural problems are corrected and fascia at points of trauma remain opened instead of tightly bound, 

AND it is possible to reduce the number of myofascial release sessions to once monthly and then once every other month and then gradually (if you're one of the lucky ones like myself) to NOT need a practitioner's maintenance at all (I practice yoga one to two times weekly and also conduct my own hip release exercises on an as needed basis to maintain the correction).

For more about myofascial release, check out the article here:  Yoga Journal Article about Myofascia

And, if you're lucky enough to live in the Fort Collins area, check out Lymphworks for myofascial release.

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Figuring out day by day how to leave no trace on the environment while doing everything she can to make the world better for those she crosses paths with, whether that's humans or other animals. The products offered on this site are creations of her own hands, with years of experience and a passion for safe & effective skincare formulations poured into each product.

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