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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Preventhelia

    Have you heard about peptides offering anti-oxidant protection?  Probably not, well, meet Preventhelia.  This amazing peptide not only protects skin cells from sun damage in a variety of different ways (both by preventing DNA damage and also by preventing damage from reactive carbonyl species (RCS)), but it ALSO repairs sun damaged skin!  Read on to learn more about this protective and restorative ingredient.
  • Immunology 101: Balancing T helper cells and T regulatory cells

    DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT an immunologist.  I’ve only been researching the area of immunology and autoimmune disease for ~1 year (in contrast, I’ve be...
  • Developing a lotion (or cream or serum… any water based product)…

    Sure, the FDA doesn't regulate cosmetics in the same way that it regulates food or drugs, but there are still guidelines for the cosmetics industry, and the overt implication is, if there's a guideline, you should comply (take it from a pharmaceutical scientist who's been in industry for nigh on 10 years 😊).  Want to know more about FDA guidelines for all your skincare and makeup products?  Well, check out this post for a readable intro.
  • Holistic Healing? Part 2: Myofascial Release

    Fascia, the webbing surrounding all the tissue within the body.  This webbing can get bound restricting movement and causing pain.  Myofascial release removes strictures within this layer enabling reparation of alignment within the body.
  • A Note About Anti-Oxidants

    Return to Eden Cosmetics face lotions and creams are loaded with anti-oxidants.  We all know that anti-oxidants are good for us, but... what exact...
  • Holistic Healing? Part 1: The Benefits of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture and other alternative healing modalities can quite often provide relief of symptoms and in some cases resolve pain entirely (especially in cases of misalignment and stagnant energy caused by old injury).
  • Impact of pH on Acne

    All right, let’s talk about acne.  As one who battled acne during my teens, finally gave in and decided to go on Accutane in my early 20s, and who...