Holistic skincare to elevate your active lifestyle

At Return to Eden, we believe that your skincare routine should be easy. These products can be used individually or easily combined so you can enjoy extra nourishment while you adventure outside.

Holistic skincare made for the courageous way you live your life each and every day.

Select Your Essentials  +  A Serum or Facial Oil  =  Set for the day!


These skincare products are your camping essentials.  Lightweight, packable, and multi-functional to keep your base weight to a minimum.

The rugged (and recyclable) packaging makes it easy to just toss these into your backpack and start trekking.

Customize your skincare routine by mixing any of these serums or facial oils (or both) with products from the Backpacking Essentials collection.

Every product in the Custom Collection is nut oil free, vegan, and perfect for allergy prone or sensitive skin types.

Natural perfumes crafted with organic, calming ingredients, designed around time-honored holistic Ayurvedic healing principles. Eco friendly packaging for less environmental impact.