About the Author

About the Author

Brandy Searcy of Return to Eden Cosmetics

Brandy Searcy is a pharmaceutical formulation development scientist with over a decade of experience in skincare product development. She holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech and was raised by a registered nurse.  Health jargon is her second language.

During the daylight hours, when she's not at her day job formulating pharmaceuticals, you'll find her outside in a garden, walking alongside meadows and streams, or watching hummingbirds with her husband and two rescues in Southern California.  By night, she's likely whipping up a batch of product or developing new skincare formulations.

Brandy's working day by day to leave no trace on the environment while doing everything she can to make the world better for those she crosses paths with, whether that's fellow humans or other animals. The products offered on this site are creations of her own hands with years of experience and a passion for safe & effective skincare poured into each product.

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