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Brandy Searcy - Return to Eden

How it started

Hey, I’m Brandy Searcy, the founder and formulator here at Return to Eden Cosmetics.

This little business started WAY back in 2008. 

I knew/know way too much about ingredients for my own good, and I had a hell of a time with acne.  I also had skin that was oily and dry at the exact same time – Hello mid-day shine! 

I didn't just browse stores for products to use, I SCOURED them reading ingredients lists and setting product after product back on the shelf because it contained one or more ingredients that I either knew would cause me to break out or that I just didn't feel comfortable using on my skin.

So, I started making my own skincare products, and because I’m a minimalist and hate long routines, I packed as many actives as I could possibly cram into a single lotion.

Why I'm so cautious about my skincare

Fast forward 8 years to 2016 when my grandmother was diagnosed with a rare type of melanoma (amelanotic melanoma). 

I know I mentioned above that I have been overly cautious about skincare ingredients my entire adult life, but her diagnosis kicked that caution into high gear.

I re-evaluated every single ingredient I used in my products and asked myself the question "Is this ingredient okay to use on my skin every day for the rest of my life?"

Knowing that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, I wanted to be sure that I understood the potential metabolic pathways that topical ingredients might interact with. And, I went deep into studying immune modulation... and furthered my knowledge of skin anatomy and physiology.

I had to make sure that what I was creating was not only beneficial to my skin, but beneficial for life.

Stumbling on a Holistic & Simple Skincare Routine

Two years later, one of my friends, Michele, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the treatment catapulted her into early menopause and with that severely dry and flaky skin.  She asked if I had anything that might help. 

Michele had already been using my face lotions, and I knew more water wasn't the answer to her problem.  So, I developed a facial oil and sent it to her with instructions to blend a couple drops of that facial oil with a pump of any face lotion in her palm before applying that mixture to her face.

I started following my own instructions, and I realized I’d been missing out on something incredible!

I could mix in that couple drops of facial oil anytime I pleased – before applying any product to my face or after I’d already applied my face lotion to oily areas (i.e. using the oil fortified blend in my eye area and on my cheeks only during the day and all over at night when I didn’t have to worry about shine). 

So simple, so quick, and my skin took on a whole new level of healthy glow.  Plus, by blending the facial oil with my face lotion, the oil just soaked right in.

Even better - Michele was loving it and so were my other product testers. 

I realized I’d developed a crazy simple system for customizing my own skincare products:

Lotion + Facial Oil = Set for the Day

Now that is a routine I can get on board with!

Brandy Searcy
Owner & Formulator

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"I've been using Return to Eden Products for a year now and have really seen a difference in my skin. I feel good knowing that Brandy has researched everything so carefully, and I highly recommend her products!"